powered by Ambient Weather

Santos Express is thrilled to announce a new feature for weather enthusiasts and curious minds alike – our very own live weather monitoring station! With the installation of our Ambient Weather station, individuals can now access real-time weather updates directly from Santos Express.

To follow the live weather conditions, simply visit our dedicated Ambient Weather page at https://ambientweather.net/dashboard/c04cd5a05ddfbe04a31b2a4c25269f50 . This link provides a detailed overview of various meteorological parameters, ensuring that users stay informed about Mossel Bay’s climate at any given moment.

What can you expect to see on our live weather feed?

1. Temperature: Keep track of the current temperature to plan your day accordingly.

2. Humidity :Stay informed about the level of humidity in the air, aiding in a comprehensive understanding of the weather conditions.

3. Wind Speed and Direction: Know the wind speed and direction to anticipate breezy or calm weather patterns.

4. Barometric Pressure: Monitor changes in barometric pressure, offering insights into upcoming weather trends.

5. Rainfall: Stay updated on precipitation levels, crucial for those planning outdoor activities.

6. UV Index: Understand the strength of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, aiding in sun protection.

7. Solar Radiation: Keep track of solar radiation levels, providing information about sunlight intensity.

8. Dew Point: Learn about the dew point for insights into humidity and potential weather changes.

9. Forecast: Access short-term weather forecasts, helping you plan your activities with confidence.

Our live weather monitoring station enhances the experience for visitors and locals alike, offering a real-time connection to Mossel Bay’s atmospheric conditions. Whether you’re a weather enthusiast, planning an outdoor event, or simply curious about the local climate, Santos Express invites you to explore the fascinating world of meteorology through our Ambient Weather station.