Halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, and right in the middle of the famous`Garden Route` of South Africa, nestles the seaside town of Mossel Bay

.A bustling holiday resort in summer and the ideal retreat in winter, it is situated on a spectacular sun washed peninsula, embraced by the warm Indian Ocean.

The greater Mossel Bay area has a well deserved reputation among the thousands of holiday makers who frequent these areas every year.

No wonder Mossel Bay was voted the second most popular holiday town  in South Africa!


After being blown around the Southern tip of Africa, Bartolomeu Dias, in search of a route to India, became the first seafarer from Europe to round the Cape

and sailed into Mossel Bay on 3 February 1488, 165 years before the Dutch settlement in Cape Town.Dias did not complete the journey to India as he had to

turn back at the fish river to avoid mutiny.When he rounded the Cape on his way back,he called it the Cape of Good Hope.In 1500 a Portuguese fleet,

en route to India, was almost completely destroyed in a storm. The remaining ships sought shelter in Mossel Bay,and spent some time here.

One of the sailors left a letter in a sailors boot which he hung in a very big milkwood tree. The letter was found in 1501 by a crew member of another ship,

who took it to his family back home.This tree became the first post office in Southern Africa, and is there to this day.The tree is an estimated 800 years old,

and a mere 200 meters from where the Santos Express is today.

WHERE DID MOSSEL BAY GET IT`S NAME FROM ?In 1601 the Dutch captain Caerden named it Mossel Bay,after they could only find mussels

when actually looking to replenish their meat supplies. Mossel Bay is famous for it`s seafood to this day.

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CLIMATE :According to the Guinness Book of Records, this `Karoo-by-the-sea` town has the second most moderate climate in the world, and has the

only north facing beach in South Africa. The sea temperature in summertime is 20 to 22 degrees C, and in the winter 14 to 16 degrees C.The averagetemperatures for September - May is 21 to 28 degrees C,and May to Sept is 16 to 21 degrees C

EARLY INHABITANTS :The Khoi-san people lived in the area for hundreds of years, and in a cave many artifacts have been discovered that date back

80,000 years and more. They even discovered a vase of Eastern origin under 2 meters of guano!


THE OCEAN AND IT`S INHABITANTS :From right in front of the Santos Express one can watch dolphins, seals and whales at play. Seal Island is home

to a large colony of seals and their cubs, while scuba diving at Santos Beach opens a colorful and astonishing underwater wonder world. Mossel Bay

is also famous for marlin, sole, mussels and oysters.


STEAM LOCOMOTIVES : The history of steam trains in South Africa is closely linked to Mossel Bay, and it is therefor no wonder that Mossel Bay has

become the biggest centre for restoring steam locomotives of all classes in the South African rail network.Enthusiasts from all over the world come

here to see in real life locomotives they`ve only read about.


HISTORICAL WRECK SITES: The history of Mossel Bay is closely linked to maritime activities.The site of the PHILIA and other wrecks

(there are 45 wrecks in the area !) was identified for an underwater museum because of easy accessibility.


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